Look, no hands! Woman is filmed downing a pint in just 5.5 seconds – but even she says people shouldn’t copy her stunt Молода британка випила пінту пива “без рук” за лічені секундиМолодая британка выпила пинту пива “без рук” за считанные секунды

This astonishing video shows a young mother-of-two downing a pint of lager in just five seconds. 

Siobhan Cranstoun, 26, is filmed picking up the pint glass with her mouth in the video taken at the King’s Head in Beverley, East Yorkshire, and swallowing the beer in a matter of seconds.  26-річна жінка без рук випила пінту пива (0,6 л) всього за 5,5 секунд.26-летняя женщина без рук выпила пинту пива (0,6 л) всего за 5,5 секунд.

The clip has been shared more than 40,000 times on Facebook after being uploaded by Miss Cranstoun’s boyfriend, Jon Crowther. 

But despite receiving thousands of compliments from men impressed with her drinking stamina, the 26-year-old said she does not advise anyone to copy her stunt when they are out drinking.

Dressed in a white jack and top, Miss Cranstoun looks at the camera with the pint of beer sat in front of her before asking ‘ready’ at the start of the clip.

She is then filmed picking the glass up with her teeth and downing the beer in 5.5 seconds.
Within seconds the entire pint has been swallowed, with a voice in the background heard saying: ‘What!’

Accompanied with the caption: ‘realising my gf can down a pint in 5.5 seconds omg (sic)’ the video has been ‘liked’ by almost 200,000 people on Facebook.

While Mr Crowther, 30,  added: ‘Remember drink responsibly!!! (sic)’, some critics fear the video promotes dangerous alcohol consumption.


Speaking of the video, Miss Cranstoun said she was surprised by how many people had taken notice.

‘Although at the time I drank that pint quickly I didn’t do it to cause attention,’ the 26-year-old said.

‘It was merely the case of finishing off my drink before we moved on to the next bar as me and my partner were celebrating his 30th birthday in Beverley with friends .

‘My partner filmed it as he had also filmed other moments during the night. As he was shocked at how quickly I drank it, he uploaded the clip to Facebook.

‘To be completely honest the attention has been staggering . I fully understand I drank irresponsibly and do not advise anybody to copy (me)’.

Сталося це під час святкування 30-річчя її приятеля.
Відео було завантажене на Facebook і ним уже поділилися тисячі людей. Жінка просто підняла пінту зубами в пабі в Йоркширі і за лічені секунди випила пиво.

Вона пояснила, що швидко випила пиво, бо вони могли піти в інший бар.

Зауважимо, що британка не рекомендує нікому повторювати цей трюк. Деякі критики випадку у барі побоюються, що відео спричинить небезпечне споживання алкоголю.

Произошло это во время празднования 30-летия ее приятеля.
Видео было загружено на Facebook и им уже поделились тысячи людей. Женщина просто подняла пинту зубами в пабе в Йоркшире и за считанные секунды выпила пиво.

Она объяснила, что быстро выпила пиво, потому что они могли пойти в другой бар.

Заметим, что британка не рекомендует никому повторять этот трюк. Некоторые критики случае в баре опасаются, что видео вызовет опасное потребление алкоголя.


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